Road to unknown

Hard paths are not the difficult ones: hard paths are the ones to the unknown.

Have you ever walked a path during a day of thick fog? I like trekking and hiking and it has happened to me to walk through lower clouds or in the fog. When you can’t see your path, then those are the hard times.

I’m currently walking on the path of financial freedom and i am at the first steps and more important, i’m in the fog :) Not a so dense fog but definitely and obviously i don’t know what is the correct path to take, what are the right decisions to make.

I have some ideas. I have some clues, but most important of all,

i’ve decided to walk that path.

So, i can clearly see the path in the short distance since fog is not so dense but if i try to look further i can’t see anything.
So i’ve got some product ideas…well, a little bit more than a few ones, but how many of those are feasible, interesting and may provide a revenue? I’ve read a lot and i think i should try to find problems to solve and before developing even a landing page i should talk to potential customers.

But you know, sometimes you simply have to do something and stop thinking. Product validation is something real but you can’t really always validate a product before you have made it.

I know, these are the most common mistakes a developer does since it’s so easy to fall in love with your project ideas and execute them before validating.

Well, i promise, the next time i will validate them before…;)

But in the meanwhile i’ve launched my first Saas (well, a long time ago there was another one but that’s another story…).
It’s a tool to Automatically Track Amazon Prices in Google Sheets and i would be very happy if you would like to have a look at it.
I want to provide some public stats for the friends of mine so register to my newsletter in the box below and see where we are going!

Alberto Plebani Written by:

Alberto Plebani is an italian software engineer currently working as a freelance developer. Happy father, happy bushcrafter!

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