Welcome, that’s the beginning. A simple word to say hello world as a developer would normally do.

This is the first post of what i hope will be a long list. Here i am, Alberto Plebani, running this site to definitely put myself in the “public context”. I am an italian software engineer and 8 years ago i decided to left my job as an employee to start freelancing. Now i look at my new goal: developing products. Most of the people would say a “launching startups”, like the famous 12 Months 12 Startups challenge…

…but i think i may differentiate a little ;)

Honestly, any time i see someone saying he is “launching a startup” i do expect him to create a legal entity, a great and complex product and maybe investing time and a lot of money but more often that is just a MVP (sometimes not even an MVP, just a landing page with a “leave your email: we will notify you when the product is ready”). So it seems to me a little bit exaggerated to call it a “Startup”, so, i do prefer saying i’m developing products.

Where am i?

I work as a freelance and i’m very happy with my job. Contract work is really interesting: any time you embark on a new different customer with different needs and new challenges to face. And that pays…

…but i’d like to have my products.

Where do i want to go?

Even if contract work gives you great flexibility and responsability, you are always working for somebody else who obviously requires specific constraints. And even if you agree on a forfait, a way or another you are exchanging your time for money.

I want something else. I want to create a product, adapt it to the needs of my customer but being in charge of full control over what to do, when and how.

Future goals

Simply put, i want to reduce contract work to develop products. Small products. Something i can develop and release in a few time (let’s say a month or two) and keep growing during the time.


Hopefully, should be:

  1. define a new idea
  2. try to validate it a little
  3. quick MVP
  4. release
  5. mini-marketing®
  6. goto step number 1
Alberto Plebani Written by:

Alberto Plebani is an italian software engineer currently working as a freelance developer. Happy father, happy bushcrafter!

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