What are you doing?

Honestly, are you doing something for yourself and your future?

Ok i don’t want to be rude or to hurt someone, but here you are with a few (maybe already heard) questions:

  • what are you doing today?
  • where and who would you like to be in ten years from now?
  • are you doing something for your future?

I mean, these questions are meant to ask you if you are chasing your goals and your desires not to let you suffer if you are not doing that. These questions are not meant to say you have to drop your 9-5 job and start seeking joy through a hard, unsafe, self employed job. I’m not inviting you to sell your mortgaged house and go livin’ in a remote land being a shiny digital nomad tweeting all day about how cool is the place where you temporarily live.

These questions are simply meant to ask your inner soul if you are honestly doing something for your life and if you are walking on the path to what should let you be happy and realized.

It’s that simple.

8 years ago i left my job as an employee and started freelancing. As i’ve already said somewhere else in this blog, that was one of the best choices of my life. Suddenly a lot of things that were imposed on me (do this job, the client asked this, no question we have to do it) became choices i could take or not.
That was an incredible freedom relief. Not that those choices come lightly: if you don’t want to do a job maybe you will loose a client or…maybe you can try to convince the client why that is not a good choice or…you can simply think that your client wasn’t really a client because you simply don’t want to do work for that kind of people. So many pros, many cons, but definitely you were free.

Today i’m changing again and i’m trying to start the path to entrepreneurship or as someone defined it to life-style business which means make a few thousands euro a month from multiple little sources of income and be happy with that instead of creating great businesses having employees and other problems associated!

I know i’m not doing great things, but i think i’m doing. I’m walking on a path and i hope to go further and reach important milestones. I know i will fall, i know i’ll take the wrong path, but that is the price to pay to gain experience.

I hope you too are doing something for yourself, for your future. I hope these words can push you a little towards this unsafe but great path.

If you want to know what i’m doing this year to start my journey, well:

  • i’ve developed an amazon price tracker called AMZTOSHEET that scrape prices from any amazon store and save them into a Google Sheet
  • i’m developing a tool to monitor product prices
  • i’m creating a site dedicate to a kind of product (sorry, NDA with my “business partner”, can’t say what kind of product but i may post stats) that we hope to convert into a marketplace one year from now
  • i’m about to create an affiliate marketing site dedicated to bushcraft (my passion)
  • i have a list of possible projects that is growing day after day

In regards to the last point, not a single project is something i strongly know as a pain/problem to solve so it may doesn’t have any customer but…honestly, who cares. I’m tired of seeking my holy grail idea! Almost any of that projects will never see the light nor will bring big money to the table but sometimes you simply want to build stuffs and my strategy is to put eggs in more baskets. I hope any single project to bring a little money to me.

Alberto Plebani Written by:

Alberto Plebani is an italian software engineer currently working as a freelance developer. Happy father, happy bushcrafter!

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